We provide partnerships from assay development to regulatory-approved tests on a global market. Our dedicated teams of experts caters to your success in Precision Medicine.

Next-Generation Sequencing – assays and expertise that boost CDx development


We work in close collaboration with our pharmaceutical partners, providing solutions for all stages of CDx development – from biomarker discovery through to commercialization.


The Oncomine next-generation sequencing assays, for example, are multi-biomarker assays that allow for concurrent analysis of DNA and RNA in one workflow, enabling simultaneous detection of single nucleotide variants, indels, copy number variants, and gene fusions. Designed for use with the Ion PGM system, the Oncomine assays utilize Ion AmpliSeq technology with uniquely low sample input requirements, enabling highly accurate and reproducible sequence analysis of a larger range of tumor samples,  including small biopsies and fine needle aspirates.  These unique next generation sequencing assays can be used to support multiple oncology drug and companion diagnostics development programs.


*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Customized ImmunoAssays on IVD Platforms – fast development with full service support


Thermo Fisher Scientific has an abundance of assay development expertise and tests tailored for your needs. Developing a customized immunoassay on one of our automated IVD platforms is well within our capabilities, and our range of standardized reagents ensures excellent reproducibility and accuracy.


Efficient processes and specialized staff assure fast development and high-performance on a wide range of platforms. Our products, services and expertise are based on many years R&D in immunology and assay development. With extensive manufacturing capabilities, regulatory experience, certified analysis laboratories and a global supply chain, we can support you all the way from R&D assay development to post-market diagnostics.





ImmunoCAP® ADA Bridging Assay

ImmunoCAP ADA Bridging Assay





ImmunoCAP® ImmunoAssay

ImmunoCAP ImmunoAssay

Immunogenicity Testing – customized assays on automated IVD platforms


Monitoring Anti-Drug Antibodies (ADAs) is critical for ensuring safe and efficient administration of biotherapeutics. The key analytical challenge is to measure very low concentrations of ADAs in the presence of soluble drug, as well as ADAs of different isotypes. Once again, we have the products and skills to help you meet this challenge.


ImmunoCAP® assay plays a central role in this process. By facilitating the development of customized research-use-only assays on an automated IVD platform supported with standardized reagents, it yields the performance, stability and reproducibility essential for you to make reliable analyses.


We can help detect ADAs in screening assays and characterize the antibody isotype (IgG, IgE, IgG4, IgM and IgA) on the same solid phase. What’s more, our standard reagents are evolved from the development of clinical routine assays and subjected to regulatory approval, which shortens the development time of an assay intended for use in clinical trials.

Anti-microbial Testing – customized products developed to strict quality requirements


Fighting anti-microbial resistance and improving patient care takes more than a standard solution. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the widest range of testing options, from pathogen identification and antibiotics susceptibility to the diagnosis of bacterial infection and sepsis in patients, combined with a team of experts ready to manage the process for you. Their skills and commitment allow you to focus on doing the science, making it easier for you to do your job and thus improve patient care faster.


Thermo Scientific pharmaceutical development team provides custom Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) plates to support pharmaceutical companies performing clinical drug trials for FDA submissions. We also supply custom plates and ancillaries for new compound development and surveillance testing.


Our specialists are skilled in every aspect of clinical trial management, including early stage planning and working with difficult compounds. A partnership with us ensures you enjoy a confidential and efficient drug development and clinical trial process. Furthermore, in managing these processes, we are able to put your newly-approved drug on one of our standard or custom Sensititre test formats. 

Maximize Your Testing Options 

  • The largest and most up-to-date selections of anti-microbials and anti-fungals.
  • Each order is manufactured to your specifications and adheres to strict Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) and ISO guidelines.
  • Batch sizes are flexible, either as frozen microbroth dilution or dried formats.
  • We can also coordinate comparative validation studies for the CLSI and FDA guidelines. Testing CLSI frozen reference method versus dried plates offers pharmaceutical companies a simpler, more user-friendly solution to Phase II and Phase III clinical trial testing.


We will also co-promote the drug with you on launch, assuring access to clinical laboratories immediately after approval.

Autoimmune Disease Testing – broad biomarker portfolio delivers great clinical value


The EliA enzyme immunoassay is well on its way to becoming the new gold standard for measuring autoantibodies in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.


The current EliA product portfolio comprises 44 of the most common routine autoimmunity biomarkers. Over 20 more are in development. Furthermore, all routine analytes run on a fully-automated and closed instrument platform that offers great flexibility in terms of throughput. New tests are easy to adapt to laboratory routines, which further contributes to increased convenience and better cost-efficiency.


EliA assays deliver excellent clinical value. Their high specificity results in fewer false-positive reports, while high sensitivity gives less false negatives. End-user laboratories also benefit from a comprehensive support package that includes a global Quality Club, an autoimmune disease application service, specialized symposia and much more.